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Implementing non-integer Factorial and Gamma function for BigDecimal

Introduction This article describes how the factorial and Gamma functions for non-integer arguments where implemented for the big-math library. For an introduction into the Gamma function see Wikipedia: Gamma Function Attempt to use Euler’s definition as an infinite product Euler’s … Continue reading

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Release 2.0.0 of big-math library supports now complex numbers

The easter week-end was the perfect time to polish and release version 2.0.0 of the big-math library. The class BigComplex represents complex numbers in the form (a + bi). It follows the design of BigComplex with some convenience improvements like … Continue reading

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Adaptive precision in Newton’s Method

This describes a way to improve the performance of a BigDecimal based implementation of Newton’s Method by adapting the precision for every iteration to the maximum precision that is actually possible at this step. As showcase I have picked the … Continue reading

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Java 8 is out and there are still no Math functions for BigDecimal. After playing around with some implementations to calculate Pi I decided to write some implementation of BigDecimalMath to fill this gap. The result of this is available … Continue reading

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Bernoulli Numbers

As part of the ongoing development of the BigRational and BigDecimalMath classes I needed to implement a method to calculate the Bernoulli numbers. Since I had a hard time to find a reference list of the Bernoulli numbers I will … Continue reading

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Using GLSL to generate gas giant planets

To be completely honest, the code that is described in this blog is already more than a year old. I just wanted to catch up with the current state of my project. I will therefore try to write several blogs … Continue reading

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Using GLSL Shaders to generate Planets

My goal was to write a GLSL shader that would create an earth-like planet. There are lots of good introductions into GLSL shader programming. Creating a Shader with LibGDX from Xoppa Lighthouse3d – GLSL Tutorial The following example is based … Continue reading

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Memory Impact of Java Collections

Sometimes it is important to know how much memory you need in order to store the data in a Java collection. Here is a little overview of the memory overhead of the most important Java collections. In some cases I … Continue reading

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Scala for (i <- 0 to n) : nice but slow

I was playing around with prime numbers when I noticed that one of the implementations was several times faster than the other one. Benchmarking the two implementations soon showed that the differences lies mainly in using the nicer for (i

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How Scala influenced my Java Programming

For a while I have been experimenting in my free time with Scala. While I don’t believe that I will use Scala at work in the near future I have nevertheless noticed that Scala has changed the way I think … Continue reading

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