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Java 8 is out and there are still no Math functions for BigDecimal. After playing around with some implementations to calculate Pi I decided to write some implementation of BigDecimalMath to fill this gap. The result of this is available … Continue reading

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How Scala influenced my Java Programming

For a while I have been experimenting in my free time with Scala. While I don’t believe that I will use Scala at work in the near future I have nevertheless noticed that Scala has changed the way I think … Continue reading

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Using Force-Based Graphs

This is a collection of my experiences using force-based algorithms to draw graphs. I used this algorithm in the Wiki Spiderweb application. Here the good points: Easy to implement Natural looking results User interaction is possible Some influence of placement … Continue reading

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Language specific HTML Help in Android

Sooner or later your application becomes so complex that you want to be helpful to the user. One way of being helpful is to provide a help text that explains how to use the application. Solution 1 : Use a … Continue reading

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