Wiki Spiderweb

The Wiki Spiderweb lets you navigate the immense wealth of the Wikipedia in a simple, intuitive and enjoyable way.

Discover new information and unexpected connections between topics using simple gestures.

Have fun with the Wiki SpiderWeb.


Single Tap

Tapping a node opens its links as connected nodes.
The nodes will rearrange themselves building a spider web of topics.
Open nodes have a bold border.

Tapping an open node again will close it by hiding the linked nodes.
The closed node itself will not disappear, so you can easily open it again.

Dragging Nodes

You can drag nodes around by touching them and dragging them into a new position. This can help separating dense clusters.
Once you have dragged a node into a position it will stay there until you drag it again.
The node will show this with a little pin in the top right corner.

Dragging entire web

You can drag the entire spider web by touching and dragging empty space between the nodes.


You can zoom into the spider web by touching the screen with two fingers and spreading the fingers.

Moving the two fingers together will zoom out of the spider web.

Double Tap

Tapping a node twice will open the Wikipedia page in the browser.

Wikipedia Definition

At the bottom of the screen (in portrait mode on the right side) you see a dark bar.
Tap or slide it and you can see a preview of the current Wikipedia page.
It will only show the first section of text.

Note: Sometimes the preview gets confused because not all Wikipedia pages are formatted the same way.

Clicking on a link in the preview will center the corresponding node in the spiderweb.

Supports Wikipedia Languages

You can choose the language of the Wikipedia.

This application is available in the Android Market.

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