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Implementing non-integer Factorial and Gamma function for BigDecimal

Introduction This article describes how the factorial and Gamma functions for non-integer arguments where implemented for the big-math library. For an introduction into the Gamma function see Wikipedia: Gamma Function Attempt to use Euler’s definition as an infinite product Euler’s … Continue reading

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Release 2.0.0 of big-math library supports now complex numbers

The easter week-end was the perfect time to polish and release version 2.0.0 of the big-math library. The class BigComplex represents complex numbers in the form (a + bi). It follows the design of BigComplex with some convenience improvements like … Continue reading

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Adaptive precision in Newton’s Method

This describes a way to improve the performance of a BigDecimal based implementation of Newton’s Method by adapting the precision for every iteration to the maximum precision that is actually possible at this step. As showcase I have picked the … Continue reading

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Java 8 is out and there are still no Math functions for BigDecimal. After playing around with some implementations to calculate Pi I decided to write some implementation of BigDecimalMath to fill this gap. The result of this is available … Continue reading

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Using GLSL to generate gas giant planets

To be completely honest, the code that is described in this blog is already more than a year old. I just wanted to catch up with the current state of my project. I will therefore try to write several blogs … Continue reading

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Using GLSL Shaders to generate Planets

My goal was to write a GLSL shader that would create an earth-like planet. There are lots of good introductions into GLSL shader programming. Creating a Shader with LibGDX from Xoppa Lighthouse3d – GLSL Tutorial The following example is based … Continue reading

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Memory Impact of Java Collections

Sometimes it is important to know how much memory you need in order to store the data in a Java collection. Here is a little overview of the memory overhead of the most important Java collections. In some cases I … Continue reading

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Use app version to show a dialog only after update

I decided to enhance my Android app so that it will show a little dialog with the newest features after starting. If this dialog would show up after every start it would be very annoying. The goal is to show … Continue reading

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How Scala influenced my Java Programming

For a while I have been experimenting in my free time with Scala. While I don’t believe that I will use Scala at work in the near future I have nevertheless noticed that Scala has changed the way I think … Continue reading

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