Release 2.0.0 of big-math library supports now complex numbers

The easter week-end was the perfect time to polish and release version 2.0.0 of the big-math library.

The class BigComplex represents complex numbers in the form (a + bi).
It follows the design of BigComplex with some convenience improvements like overloaded operator methods.

  • re
  • im
  • add(BigComplex)
  • add(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • add(BigDecimal)
  • add(BigDecimal, MathContext)
  • add(double)
  • subtract(BigComplex)
  • subtract(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • subtract(BigDecimal)
  • subtract(BigDecimal, MathContext)
  • subtract(double)
  • multiply(BigComplex)
  • multiply(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • multiply(BigDecimal)
  • multiply(BigDecimal, MathContext)
  • multiply(double)
  • divide(BigComplex)
  • divide(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • divide(BigDecimal)
  • divide(BigDecimal, MathContext)
  • divide(double)
  • reciprocal(MathContext)
  • conjugate()
  • negate()
  • abs(MathContext)
  • angle(MathContext)
  • absSquare(MathContext)
  • isReal()
  • re()
  • im()
  • round(MathContext)
  • hashCode()
  • equals(Object)
  • strictEquals(Object)
  • toString()
  • valueOf(BigDecimal)
  • valueOf(double)
  • valueOf(BigDecimal, BigDecimal)
  • valueOf(double, double)
  • valueOfPolar(BigDecimal, BigDecimal, MathContext)
  • valueOfPolar(double, double, MathContext)

A big difference to BigDecimal is that BigComplex.equals() implements the mathematical equality and not the strict technical equality.
This was a difficult decision because it means that BigComplex behaves slightly different than BigDecimal but considering that the strange equality of BigDecimal is a major source of bugs we decided it was worth the slight inconsistency.

If you need the strict equality use BigComplex.strictEquals().

The class BigComplexMath is the equivalent of BigDecimalMath and contains mathematical functions in the complex domain.

  • sin(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • cos(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • tan(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • asin(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • acos(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • atan(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • acot(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • exp(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • log(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • pow(BigComplex, long, MathContext)
  • pow(BigComplex, BigDecimal, MathContext)
  • pow(BigComplex, BigComplex, MathContext)
  • sqrt(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • root(BigComplex, BigDecimal, MathContext)
  • root(BigComplex, BigComplex, MathContext)
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